Funplaysmart Enhanced V3C 8-GPU Aluminum Mining Case, Stackable Rig Frame, Open-Pit Miner Frame with Fan Bracket, Ethereum (ETH, ETC) / Monero (XMR) / ZCash (ZEC) / Siacoin (SC)




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Product Description

Funplaysmart Brand logoFunplaysmart Brand logo


In late summer and autumn, in Katmai National Park in Alaska, huge brown bears wait for salmon to jump out of the water by Brook Falls. A large group of hungry brown bears gather by the stream to fish, and the scene is very spectacular; in the Arctic snow, there are some ice holes on the thick ice, which are vents for seals. One day, two days, three days…Polar bears waited there quietly, playing the game of survival and capture.

Use your wisdom to maximize your practical possibilities, and the Funplaysmart brand was born.

The Funplaysmart brand prides itself on providing uncompromising quality products.

FUNPLAYSMART Series Mining FrameFUNPLAYSMART Series Mining Frame


1. The open mining machine case solves the resonance problem of the closed case very well, greatly reduces the complex noise, provides you with a quiet and comfortable environment, and makes the mining process cooler and easier.

2. The frame of this miner is made of anodized aluminum, and the surface is treated with high-tech nanotechnology to enhance the hardness of aluminum and prevent corrosion and scratches! Exquisite workmanship and reasonable space structure allow smooth air circulation, better heat dissipation, and extend the life cycle of the GPU.

3. Excellent mining machine products, standard opening design, plus a little patience combination, you will get an orderly, beautiful and sturdy mining machine case. With the expansion of mining scale, perfect stacking can also be carried out to form a powerful GPU team and improve efficiency.


High-quality aluminum alloy surface, perfect lubricationHigh-quality aluminum alloy surface, perfect lubrication

Exquisite product logoExquisite product logo

Strict packaging proceduresStrict packaging procedures

Packaging parametersPackaging parameters

Perfect texture

l High-quality aluminum alloy is processed by nanotechnology, which is as smooth as children’s skin, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

Exquisite product logo

l Just like a beautiful sign, we are the same, we are committed to serving every customer, and we are proud to provide quality products without compromise.

Strict packaging procedures

l I don’t need to say much, you know. . . The meticulous operation allows you to save more time, go outdoors, go to the park, go to the beach. . . . . .

Packaging parameters

All accessories are in a sturdy packing box:

+Fully anodized aluminum frame

+Enhanced fan fixing kit

+Mainboard fixing copper nut

+Power supply fixing kit (includes 4 thumbscrews)

+SSD/HD fixing kit

+120mm fan protection net (N pcs)

+Gift—switching line

+Gifts—Convenient cable ties (5 pcs)

+Gifts-Link kits for stacking (2 sets including screws)


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[HEAVY UPGRADE] The anodized aluminum mine frame,the surface is treated with high-tech nanotechnology, has high hardness, wear resistance, and is not easy to scratch. excellent!
[DESIGN FEATURES] Open mining machine frame design, reasonable GPU spacing, accelerate air convection, enhance heat dissipation, and extend GPU life cycle
[PRODUCT FEATURES] The mining rack supports 8 GPUs of 23cm ~ 32cm, supports ATX/MAX motherboards, supports single or dual power supplies, and supports 7 standard 12cm cooling fans to mine virtual currency more efficiently and faster .
[EXPANSION SPACE] This product has precise holes and is easy to install. Can be stacked stably and used in combination. The graphics card stack can be installed in multiples of 8, thus completely saving space.
[PLEASE NOTE] This product does not include CPU, GPU, PSU, RAM, motherboard, fan and any cables.


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