24 Pin Dual PSU Adapter – HuDieM Multiple Power Supply Splitter Extension Cable for Mining ATX Motherboard




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psu power cablepsu power cable

24-Pin Dual PSU Adapter Cable Motherboard ATX Power Supply Connector

1. 24 pin dual PSU adapter can be used with both 24 pin and 20 pin ATX motherboards.

2. 24-Pin dual power supply adapter ideal for crypto currency system builds and extreme gaming.

3. 24 Pin dual PSU adapter uses standard 18AWG wire, UL certification, max load current 8A, 7.8 IN length cable.

4. Optimize your power with simultaneous on/off functionality to extend your GPU performance.

5. With independent power supplies, take your system further for more mining and ability to meet the needs of multi-GPU power requirements.

6. Add the second PSU to the PC. When two power supply units are connected together, you can supply more power to computer components without upgrading existing power supply units.


dual psudual psu

dual psu adapterdual psu adapter

24-pin dual psu24-pin dual psu

dual psu cabledual psu cable

2 psu adapter2 psu adapter

HuDieM 24-Pin Dual Power Supply Connector cable

The Dual 24 pin PSU adapter cable is easily connected to two power supply units simultaneously. When the user requires higher wattage from their PSU they can keep their existing unit (rather than replacing it) and connect an additional unit to meet their power requirements.

HuDieM Dual 24-Pin PSU Adapter Cable perfect for Cryptocurrency Mining Builds

Dual 24-Pin power adapter cable is perfect for Cryptocurrency mining builds and next generation gaming. It allows high current to power multiple graphic cards.

HuDieM Dual 24-Pin Mining Adapter Cable

The new HuDieM dual PSU 24 pin adapter cable comes with high quality connectors to connect two power supply units to a single motherboard, enabling the addition of a second power supply unit.

dual psu cabledual psu cable

Dual power supply 24-pin splitter perfect for crypto currency mining builds.
24 pin dual psu adapter compatible with 20 pin and 24 pin ATX motherboards (2×24 pin female ports and 1x 24 pin(20+4) male port ).
24-Pin dual PSU adapter motherboard ATX connectors cable support extreme multi-GPU configurations.
24 pin dual psu adapter uses standard UL1007 18AWG cable, Each cable is made of 41 high-quality tinned copper wires, strong and durable, 7.8 IN length cable.
Please choose standard UL1007 18AWG cable – Standard UL1007 18AWG cable is made of 41 copper wires. Less than 41 copper wires are all non-standard cable. Non-standard 18AWG cable cannot meet the power supply, is easy to generate heat, and is not resistant to high temperatures.
What You Get: 1* 24-pin dual psu adapter, our worry-free 18-month, and friendly customer service.


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