Tai Chi For The Spirit by David Carradine


Audio program – Tai Chi For the Spirit – A Guide Meditation

David Carradine’s Tai Chi for the Spirit (audio program)

Star of Kill Bill! 

The program combines the powerful and meditative words of David Carradine with the flowing and lyrical music of Jonn Serrie. Sit back and relax as you experience a world of sound and music that will soothe the soul and revitalize the spirit. Renowned actor David Carradine guides you through the Heavenly Energy Meditation. This simple meditation teaches you how to connect and tap into the cleansing and revitalizing energy of the heavens. You will also feel your chi or the internal energy that constantly surges throughout your body while you calm and quiet your mind. This energetic and meditative practice is a must for anyone studying or wanting to learn Tai Chi. You have found what you seek, now let yourself go as you journey into a world of self discovery and inner power.

David Carradine, a long time aficionado and evangelist for the martial arts, has released top-selling martial arts titles, including Chi Energy and Tai Chi Workouts for Beginners. The acclaimed actor has been in more than 200 films and starred in TV series, “Kung Fu.” He received a Golden Globe nomination for his highly-praised performance in “Kill Bill, Volume 2.” He is an accomplished artist, writer, musician, and author.


1: Heavily Energy Meditation (22:29)


2: Life’s Breath (1:44)

3: Serene (4:24)
4: Fire Flow (2:48)
5: Light & Shadow (5:55)
6: Living Spaces (9:19)



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